Jan 10

Shazie is very tempted

Now ladies, I’m so tempted in starting this, I shouldn’t really as I already have about 12 UFO/WIP’s in progress, 4 of which are HAEDS, but I love this.  I won it because I bought a HAED Raffle ticket and because I didn’t win, this is what we all got.

I’m thinking of doing this on 25ct magic guide, using tent stitch, 2 over 1, so the size would go from 16″ x 16″ to 8″ x 8″.  I did a test stitch and it looked ok, so should I start it?

I have a piece of fabric, but sadly it has a snag in it and I’m not sure it will cover up, any advice please before I spend to buy another piece, please go to this link and look at the picture.




  1. I have that too and it is very tempting, but so is the full sized one.

    I’m using 2 x 1 on 25ct Magic guide for a current project and love it. Coverage is excellent for dark grey.

    1. Shazie - Vikinggirls

      Knitcave, could you possibly log into the forum and post, we very rarely come to the main website. Still tempted, are you doing it half stitch?

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