Apr 12

Alison’s Finished Crochet Cushion

Look at Alison’s finished crochet cushion. Amazing that a couple of years ago Alison didn’t know how to crochet. Love this.

Apr 12

Shazie’s Lakeside Fanrasy SAL Update

Heres my Fantasy SAl. I’m trying to stay up to date apart from the border.

Apr 12

Ann’s Finished cards 2

Apr 12

Ann’s Finished Cards 1

Ann has been poorly but before she fell ill she managed to make these lovely cards. Her stitch that bug has gone on it’s holidays!!!!

Apr 12

Alison’s Finished Project

I so love this design. Here’s Alison’s finish.

Apr 12

Welcome Sally to our group

We have a lovely new member join our little group. If you’d like to see some of Sally’s work click here

Apr 12

The Group Needs You!!

If you would like to see more posts/newsletter, the group needs you to post update pictures of what your working on.

I’m going  to remove inactive members in the next couple of days so if you want to stay a member, then grab a brew and visit the forum. Have a natter with us. 😃

Apr 12

Shazie’s new storage system

I came across these shoe boxes from Home Bargains in the UK for 89p each. So my working threads are being bagged up and stored in the boxes.

Apr 12

Shazie’s Framed Cat in the Window

I found a reduced frame that was ideal for my cat in the window. Makes me smile every time I look at it.

Feb 12

Welcome Gerri

I’d like to take a moment to welcome Gerri to our little group. I’m looking forward to seeing what HAEDS you are working on.