Sep 05

Alison’s Halloween SAL Update

Alison is doing well with this SAL, they have just released part 3 today.

Aug 30

Alison’s Halloween SAL WIP

Stitched on Tangerine hand dyed 28count from Sewitall.

Aug 28

Libbeth’s Pensive Moments WIP/UFO

Libbeth says Over 200 colours, and over 100 blends. Needless to say it’s pretty much a UFO.

Aug 28

Ann’s Hands Drawing Hands WIP

Look at Ann go on this project, she’ll have this complete in no time,

Aug 28

Ann’s Homemade Birthday Card

Ann has made a lovely birthday card for her daughter.  Love it.

Aug 27

Shazie’s Ladybird Blackwork Finish

Another WIP finish. I have to say I’m sick of black work for a while. This one went wrong from the start. There’s more black work on the right than the left but I’m happy lol. 16 WIPS to go.

Aug 26

Libbeth’s He Looked Like a Peddler Finished Project

Libbeth finished He Looked Like A Peddler by Ruth Sanderson last Christmas but she still hasn’t taken it off the frame and washed it.

28 count Jobelan 1 over 1

Aug 26

Libbeth’s Villa Mirabelia Finished Piece

This one has been in a box unframed for at least a decade, if not longer.

Aug 26

LIbbeth’s Christmas Flourishes Finished Project

Here is one of Libbeth’s finishes, she what she wrote about it on the forum.

Aug 26

Libbeth’s Mini Witching Hour WIP

Mini The Witching Hour by Lisa Parker. No more mini’s for Libbeth. She thought the regulars had a lot of confetti but this mini is pure confetti. Libbeth is  actually a little further on than this picture. Libbeth hopes to take a progress photo Over the bank holiday.

1 over 1 on 28 count