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Jo’s finishes and WIP’s

Here you will see all of Jo’s finishes and WIP’s.


Jo’s 2013 finishes.

Here are Jo’s 2013 finishes.

Jo’s 2015 Finishes

Here you can see all of Jo’s 2015 finishes.

Jo’s Beatrice Potter Birth Sampler

Here you can follow Jo’s Beatrice Potter birth sampler.
Below would be the finished result.


Jo’s Formula 1 car on paper

You can see Jo’s progress of this Formula 1 car on perforated paper for her son’s birthday card.

Jo’s Midnight Dance WIP

Here you can follow Jo’s progress as she stitches Midnight Dance.
Below is what the finished project will look like.

Here is Jo’s progress

Jo’s Old Finishes

Here are some of the things Jo has stitched over the years.

Jo’s Snow Leopard

Here you can follow Jo’s progress on her Snow Leopard.

Jo’s Snowman Project

You can follow Jo’s progress on this cute snowman, I’m so tempted to do this one too.

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