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Alison’s Finished and WIP’s

Here you will see Alison’s WIP’s and Finished work.

Alison’s 2014 Finishes

Here you can see all Alison’s finishes for 2014.

Alison’s Cat Whiskers 2 Finished

Here you can follow Alison’s cat whiskers 2 WIP.



Alison’s Celestial Dragon Finished

You can follow Alison’s Celestial Dragon.

Alison’s Framed Finishes


Alison’s Tonga Finished Project

Here you will see the updates Alison did as she progressed with her Tonga project, which is now compelete.





Alison’s Winder Wonderland

If you would like to follow Alison’s progress, here are all her updates.

Little Mermaid WIP

Here is Alison’s Little Mermaid WIP.

Cats Whiskers Project Finished

Here you can see Alison’s progress on her Cats Whiskers project.

Alison’s Previous Finishes

Here are a good selection for Alison’s previous finishes over the last couple of year.