May 09

Competition Themes – May to December 2014

I have decided to organise a theme for the coming competitions, I hope you like them.

I’ve done this in advance so that if you spot something you like stitching you can get it done before the competition month for that theme arrives.

Rules to enter

You can make any design that is no larger than about 3″ x 3″, card or coaster size.  You need to send me the entry via email and not post up on the forum.

When the closing date has arrived and we have all the entries, I will then add them to the forum for you to vote for your favourite one.



May – Sweet things – cakes, biscuits, ice cream, chocolate, the list is endless.

June – Animals – Cats,Kittens, Dogs, Puppies, Wild Animals on Safari or Animals in my garden.

July – Elegance – Ladies, Fashion, Shoes etc.

August – Alpha – Alpha’s make something with your Initial

September – Hobbies – Anything related to a hobby.

October – Lovable Characters – Cuties, Teddy’s, Monkeys, etc.

November – Christmas – Anything related to Christmas.

December – Spring – Anything related to the spring season, gardening, flowers etc.



Don’t forget the more competitions you enter the bigger the chance to win a prize.  The member with the most winning entries from May to December, will win a prize.

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