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Jan 10


if you’d like to see regular newsletters in your email, then maybe once a week pop to the forum and post updates and join us in a natter.

Jan 10

Kimberley’s Latest Finish

Here’s Kimberley’s latest finish. Sadly it wasn’t ready for Christmas.

Sep 14

I’d like to welcome Donia to our group

I would just like to take a moment to welcome Donia to our little group.  Thank you everyone who has posted a welcome to her last week on the forum.  I’m sure Donia will make it to the forum very soon.
Waving at you.
Donia is new to stitching, I sent her a box of

May 27

Bianca’s Faces of Fairy Update

Look at Bianca now, even with toothache, looking good and Bianca, I have fluff on my work too, I just brush it off with my finger…lol.

May 21

Wanted and For Sale Boards

Just to let you all know we now have a For Sale and Wanted forum boards, so you can advertise and search for items.

May 21

Bianca’s HAED Update

Bianca is slowing moving along with her HAED, looking great.

May 10

Bianca’s Frosted Pumpkin Update

Yay, Bianca’s is up to date with the Frosted Pumpkin SAL.  Looking great.

May 06

Friske Outside

I thought I would take Friske outside as she’s been inside for 2 months, we were out for a while, it was nice to have her outside, she’s not over keen on the harness, I’m thinking of buying her a new one, but if we can get this cat enclosure made, I won’t need it.

May 01

Bianca’s Faces of Faery Update

Now look at Bianca go, she’s getting the hang of parking now, but here back is slightly heavy but that’ll be the carrying of threads, which I don’t do.
She also has problems with needles going black, I’ve suggested gloves, any member have another other suggestions?

Apr 30

Another finish by Debbie

Debbie made this for Bianca’s 18th birthday, isn’t it lovely.