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Dec 02

My lovely Christmas Exchange from Susan

Look at my love Exchange from Susan.  Love it.  Thor hasn’t yet taken it off the tree yet!!

Oct 22

How many WIP’s do you have on the go?

I’m thinking about starting a rotation of all the WIP’s I have on the go, maybe try a week on each and swap, maybe doing something small on the weekends.
Here is what I have to complete….gulp.

Gemini – HAED
Cat Tales – HAED
Celtic Summer
Max in the Adirondacks
Santa’s Nap

Aug 18

Love these baubles – Anybody know where I can buy some??

I’ve searched the net and I can only find round baubles, but I’d love some of these, I want to give this a go. If anybody finds them, let me know where.

Jul 13

Freya and the Day Bed

I’m sweating loads now but the bed is up,  I’m going to watch BB and stitch, then carry on upstairs later but here is a couple of pictures and other picture on the forum here

May 13

Welcome back Glen

I’d like to welcome Glen back to our little group.  We’ve missed you while you have been away, so you’ll have to tell us what you have been up to.

May 11

So Unusual – Made out of a tea stainer

This is so unusual. Just seen it on FB. It’s made out of a metal tea strainer. The lady used 2 pieces of kitchen towel at the back to help hold the stitches, and it seems she stitched directly onto the tea strainer.

May 11

My special present from Lynda

Oh Lynda, I love this little bottle, I’m going to put some needles in it and it will make me smile every time I go for a needle.  What a lovely surprise present, just what I needed to make me smile.
Love it.  Thank you soooo much.

May 09

Important – Members Profiles and Activity

Hi Ladies,
Because we have a couple of new members to the forum now, I was wondering if you want to stay as an active member, could you please fill in your profiles for me, with a bit of information about you.  Can you make sure you’re birthday is also added in the required box

May 08

Updated Links Page

Just so you all know, I have updated the Links page with Designers website links.  If you have any links that you don’t want to lose and want to keep in one place, then let me know and I’ll add them to that page,.
Click Here to go to the Links pages

May 07

Shazie’s Frame with no side clamps

I’ve only had my frame for 2 years, but last night I thought I’d take the side clamps off and make it like my lap frame and it’s so much easier to turn over so far, I still want my arms changing and the back bar making different,. Can you see a little face peeking.