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Aug 21


Hi all,
I have had a clear up on the forum and a few members I’ve removed, if you would still like to be an active member on our forum, drop me a message on with a username and I will add you to the forum.
If you have any stitching friends that would

Jan 15

Snag Nabit

Now I fancy one of these. I think I’d use it. For £1.50 from Sew and So or this one wit a handle on.

Jan 12

Susan’s New Floor Stand

look at the beauty. Green with envy. Susan’s husband bought this for Christmas. What a lovely present to receive.

Jan 10

Shazie is very tempted

Now ladies, I’m so tempted in starting this, I shouldn’t really as I already have about 12 UFO/WIP’s in progress, 4 of which are HAEDS, but I love this.  I won it because I bought a HAED Raffle ticket and because I didn’t win, this is what we all got.
I’m thinking of doing this

Jan 09

Chatterbox Stitchers on Facebook

Hi Everyone,
We now have most of us on FB in the group on there and we are seeming to be more chatty on there than on here. I know there are a few members here that don’t use FB so I’m happy to run both of the groups but the benefit with FB is

Dec 08

Lorna’s Christmas Exchange from Emma

Dec 08

Lorna’s Christmas Exchange From Kimberley

Here is another lovely Christmas card in our Exchange.

Dec 07

Alison’s Christmas Exchange from Emma

Here is a lovely card from Emma to Alison.

Dec 07

Susan’s Christmas Exchange to Me

I have it on the tree but my darling Thor, young kitten, he’s stealing the bits I have on there.  The tree is nearly going back in it’s box this year, will I make Christmas day with it!!!
I love it Susan, I know have 5 stitched ornaments on my tree sadly nothing else this

Dec 07

Susan’s Christmas Exchange from Me

I have to say, I didn’t make it up, and WOW, I’m glad I didn’t, I would never have  thought of putting it together like this, I want it back…hehe….love….no I’m only joking.