Category: Susan’s Finished Work

Jan 14

Shazie Cat Duo Finish

i started this yesterday and finished this morning. First card stitch finished.

May 06

Susan’s Finished Retro Kitchen Sampler

Susan finished this in February, then she finally framed it in April. The original design was rectangular and much bigger, with a lot more items, but I wanted it to be less than 8″ square to fit in this frame. So Susan pulled items from other areas and re-designed it to fit.
The finished design

Oct 08

Susan’s Cosmetics Bag

Oh how I wish I could make something like this, we have some very talented ladies in our group that can make great things out of just plain cross stitch. Love it.

Sep 17

Susan’s Finished Parisian Patisserie

I really love this one, the colours are vibrant, just like all Susan Bates designs, I want it on my kitchen wall but would need to redecorate for it to look good.  This has taken Susan a year and a half to complete but it was well worth it.  Anyone for cake??

Sep 17

Stack and Whack quilted wall hanging

Here is another “finish” for this year for Susan (hand-stitched quilting, but no cross stitch).She started this one about 5 years ago, it’s made by laying 8 layers of the same fabric, matching the pattern, then cutting through them all at once. This way the pattern is repeated 8 times and when you assemble them in

May 04

Susan’s Mug Rug

Join the forum discussion on this postWow, I do love these mug rugs that Susan has made, this is the latest one for her husband. ( 3 pictures to follow).

Then below is the one she made for my partner as he was jealous of the one I had from last year…hehe.