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May 13

Shazie’s Up On The Rooftops Update

I have sent 1 hour a day on this, well 2 today and look at the difference an hour a day can make on a project.  Now if I tried that on on my WIP’s I’d have to stitch for about 10 hours a day…golly no, couldn’t do it.

May 13

Shazie’s Witching Hour Update – 455 hours

im now at 455 hours on this since August 2015 and I think I’ll be half way now. Not long to go till this row is complete.

May 10

Shazie’s Train of Dreams Update

I got my Train of Dreams out over the weekend and have done a little on it.  I have fallen in love with 20ct fabric, I think this might be what I’d use for more HAED’s great coverage, much better than 18ct and not hard on the eyes like 25ct.

May 10

Shazie’s Up on the Rooftops Update

I was thinking about restarting this one because I stitch different now from when I first started this, I don’t park and I don’t turn my work, but I got this out last night and managed an hour on it using the pin stitch to start and finish my thread but it’s tricky and tiny

May 07

Shazie’s Witching Hour Update

I’ve not done that much in the past week on this but this is where it is this morning.

May 06

Shazie’s Santa 3D Ornament

I’ve not done anything on Witching hour, I’ve hardly done any stitching the last few days and only 45 minutes today,

Apr 30

My HAED Witching Hour Update – Gosh

I have to say I’m impressed with the result, it’s stunning and now has spurred me on more to get this row finished and onto the row where the cats face is.
This has taken me so far 434 hours of stitching.

Apr 28

Shazie’s The Witching Hour Update

Here is where I’m at today on The Witching Hour.


Apr 27

Shazie’s HAED Witching Hour Update

Here is my latest update on The witching hour, the face is nearly there now.
I’m now at 424 hours of stitching from the bottom up.

Apr 27

Shazie’s Celtic Summer WIP

Here is a little update on my Celtic Summer, I haven’t done that much since mind…lol