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Jan 15

Shazie’s Witching Hour Update

I’m slowly getting this page complete.

Jan 10

Shazie’s Christmas Cupcake SAL Update

A few of us are going to stitch this ready for Christmas in 2017. I plan to stitch a cupcake a month. Please feel free to join in with us. I plan to get my cupcake finished today and it will go away till around the 15th February.

Jan 10

Shazie’s Witching Hour – where I am today

This is where I am now.

Jan 10

Shazie’s Gemini Progress

Back in December before I had my work stitching, I.needed a change from Witching Hour, so I worked on Gemini to get a page finish.

Sep 14

Shazie’s Witching Hour WIP

This one too has moved on a bit now, nearly finished this row, still got 3 rows to go and I so hoped to have this finished this year, but it’s not looking like that will happen with all the other bits I have on the go, but you never know, there is a lot

Sep 14

Shazie’s Kingdom of Books WIP

This one has moved on a little since this photo, I have the start of the next purple book, will update again soon.  But I so love these colours, I just need more hours in the day to stitch all the things I have on the go.
Possible job pending, should hear today or tomorrow

Sep 14

Shazie’s Lakeside Fantasy SAL WIP

Oh dear I was enabled, I really didn’t need any more WIPs did I… but I have a couple of finishes, to come further up.
Loving this one, I want to complete the border on the bottom half, then I’m happy till next year.  I can just do the monthly releases that come out every

May 27

Shazie’s HAED Witch Hour Update

Here you got, we have an eye and a bit more face.  Loving it.

May 21

Love with an open heart – Stoney Creek WIP

I spent several hours yesterday falling in love with all Stoney Creek patterns, and I just love the magnetic board way of displaying your work, and I’m thinking about trying something.  So you can change your picture every now and then.  I just love this series.

May 13

Shazie’s Up On The Rooftops Update

I have sent 1 hour a day on this, well 2 today and look at the difference an hour a day can make on a project.  Now if I tried that on on my WIP’s I’d have to stitch for about 10 hours a day…golly no, couldn’t do it.

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