Category: Shazie’s WIP’s

Jan 18

Back of my Withching Hour

As most of you know I’m a cross country stitcher. I find you don’t waste as much thread when compared to the parking method.
I thought I’d show you the back of my work. You can see where I’ve been lazy and travelled my thread for the old stitch but I’m fine with that.

Jan 15

Shazie’s Witching Hour Update

I’m slowly getting this page complete.

Jan 10

Shazie’s Christmas Cupcake SAL Update

A few of us are going to stitch this ready for Christmas in 2017. I plan to stitch a cupcake a month. Please feel free to join in with us. I plan to get my cupcake finished today and it will go away till around the 15th February.

Jan 10

Shazie’s Witching Hour – where I am today

This is where I am now.

Jan 10

Shazie’s Gemini Progress

Back in December before I had my work stitching, I.needed a change from Witching Hour, so I worked on Gemini to get a page finish.

Sep 14

Shazie’s Witching Hour WIP

This one too has moved on a bit now, nearly finished this row, still got 3 rows to go and I so hoped to have this finished this year, but it’s not looking like that will happen with all the other bits I have on the go, but you never know, there is a lot

Sep 14

Shazie’s Kingdom of Books WIP

This one has moved on a little since this photo, I have the start of the next purple book, will update again soon.  But I so love these colours, I just need more hours in the day to stitch all the things I have on the go.
Possible job pending, should hear today or tomorrow

Sep 14

Shazie’s Lakeside Fantasy SAL WIP

Oh dear I was enabled, I really didn’t need any more WIPs did I… but I have a couple of finishes, to come further up.
Loving this one, I want to complete the border on the bottom half, then I’m happy till next year.  I can just do the monthly releases that come out every

May 27

Shazie’s HAED Witch Hour Update

Here you got, we have an eye and a bit more face.  Loving it.

May 21

Love with an open heart – Stoney Creek WIP

I spent several hours yesterday falling in love with all Stoney Creek patterns, and I just love the magnetic board way of displaying your work, and I’m thinking about trying something.  So you can change your picture every now and then.  I just love this series.