Category: Shazie’s WIP’s

Jan 11

Moonlight Cats

I have some commission stitching just arrived but I wanted to try and do an hour a day on my own stitching so I have pulled out Moonlight cats, I’m not sure if there is a photo on the forum showing where I got to before I put it away.   Here is where I am

Sep 05

Little Girl by Joan Elliott

I started this last week I think or the week before. Just a little go to stitch with my mag eyes. Not far to go now before it’s finished.

Sep 05

Shazie’s Kingfisher WIP Update

I’ve been working a little on my Kingfisher project while I wait for commission Stitching. This WIP is the nearest to getting finished.

Aug 21

Shazie’s Afternoon Nap Foxes WIP

Here is one of my 17 WIP’s that is so close to finish now, but I have to get back to work stitching today.
If you want to see all my WIP’s please pop along to the forum and have a look.

Apr 12

Shazie’s HAED – Witching Hour Update

I’m getting excited now. I have 1.5 pages to go to the finish. Yesterday I spent 4.5 hours stitching black. This is where I am this morning after 906 hours stitching.
If you want to see a quick video here you go


Apr 12

Shazie’s Lakeside Fanrasy SAL Update

Heres my Fantasy SAl. I’m trying to stay up to date apart from the border.

Feb 12

Witching Hour Update

I’ve managed to finally managed to finish page 6 of the 7. I’d liked to have been further but with work stitching it wasn’t to be.

Jan 28

Shazie’s Gnome Update

ive carried on doing an hour a day and I’m getting close to a finish. I’ve done 2 hours today mind.

Jan 25

Shazie’s 60 minute challenge – Gnomes

But …… I didn’t screenshot the full chart from Readly so at the moment I can’t finish it. If you happen to have a copy of World of Cross Stitching December 2015 issue that I could borrow let me know. I may go digital for a month again with Readly so I cam finish it

Jan 20

Shazie’s Cat in the Window Update

I’ve been full of a cold this week and I didn’t want to sit and sniff and I couldn’t concentrate so I have been stitching on the project. I’m near to the finish line now. Only the side and top of the Window now.