Category: Shazie Finished Work

Jan 13

Among Black Cats – Finished

I finished this the other day, my present from Jo for Christmas, it only took 22 hours but that backstitch was a killer but it was worth it.

Sep 05

Cupcake Coaster Finish

Don asked would I make a cupcake coaster for a lady that’s moving floors at work. So I have. Too about 3 hours to stitch. Just need to get it dry now so I can put it in the coaster.

Aug 23

Afternoon Nap Foxes – Shazie Finished

I have a finish, only took 15 hours to stitch, I had to add the whiskers on the bottom 2 foxes as this wasn’t charted and they looked funny.  I have 17 WIP’s left, I forgot one on my list the other day, my HAED Four Seasons.
I have another close to  a finish too,

Apr 12

Shazie’s Framed Cat in the Window

I found a reduced frame that was ideal for my cat in the window. Makes me smile every time I look at it.

Jan 28

Shazie’s Wedding Pillow Finished

I started this commission stitch the other day and finished it on Friday 27th January. It was a lovely stitch.


Jan 25

Shazie’s Cat in the Window Finish

Yay I have a finish. I got stuck in and got it done. Now I have maybe Train of Dreams or The Kingfisher to work on at weekends to name a few.

Sep 14

Shazie’s Soda Stitch Cube

I bought this chart a few weeks/month ago and I finally got round to stitching it, not sure when I’ll actually put it together, but it will make a small 8 sided cube, that you can make into a key ring or something similar.  I may get it done this week, we shall see.

Sep 14

Shazie’s Solo the Cat Bookmark

This poor little cat has been waiting for about 4 years at least to be finished.  I only needed to do the outline round the butterflies, and I know why I hadn’t do it, the back stitch was awful but I did it my way.  Love him, now to find a proper book to read

Sep 14

Shazie’s Santa Ornament

Golly, I started this a few months back, maybe May time, can’t remember and I slowly worked on it and this morning I have it finished.  Not sure how you make it up yet, not read instructions but this will be this years ornament.  I plan to stitch one a year to eventually go on

May 21

Shazie’s Teddy Finish

I took a little break from large scale stitching as my dad was taken into hospital and we have had the results, and as we thought it is terminal and could be any day, so thought stitching something easy and quick will help me.
Here is my Durene Jones Teddy Finish, on 20ct evenweave,