Category: SAL’S

Apr 12

Shazie’s Lakeside Fanrasy SAL Update

Heres my Fantasy SAl. I’m trying to stay up to date apart from the border.

Jan 15

Alison’s Christmas Cupcake SAL

Its great to see a different start point on this. Alison got carried away and started the next cupcake.
Alison you don’t have to wait for me. You carry on loL

Jan 14

Shazie’s January Christmas Cupcake complete

This has now been put away till February 15th. Love it.

Jan 10

Shazie’s Christmas Cupcake SAL Update

A few of us are going to stitch this ready for Christmas in 2017. I plan to stitch a cupcake a month. Please feel free to join in with us. I plan to get my cupcake finished today and it will go away till around the 15th February.

Jan 10

Shazie’s Lakeside Fantasy SAL update

Here’s where I am on the Fantasy SAL