Category: Lorna’s WIP’s

Aug 12

Lorna is so close to finishing now

Lorna is so close to finishing this beauty now.

Jul 28

Lorna’s Dragonfly Fairy Update

This is really coming on now, great going Lorna.

Jul 20

Lorna’s Dragonfly Fairy – Update

Wow, another lovely update from Lorna, I so like this fairy and a couple of others.

May 21

Lorna’s Love Tree WIP

Lorna has managed some more on her Love Tree, it’s looking good.

May 06

Lorna’s Love Tree

Lorna, yet again has a steaming needle, she’s started her next project a Bothy Thread Love Tree.  Well done Lorna for all that stopping an changing.

Apr 30

Lorna’s Wedding update, so close now

Lorna has been really going for getting this finished and she’s just got a few French knots and all those hearts around the outside to do now.  Go girl.  And I believe her new kit has arrived, I wonder what that is?

Apr 29

Lorna’s Wedding Update – Nearly finished

Lorna now has a steaming needle, she needs this finished for this weekend because it’s the wedding.  Come on Lorna, you are so close to finishing this one.  Keep going you can do it.

Apr 27

Lorna’s Wedding Sampler Update

Come on Lorna, you can do it, you are nearly finished, one last push and you will have it ready for the wedding.  Great work.

Apr 12

Lorna’s Dragonfly Fairy WIP

Here you can follow Lorna’s Dragonfly Fairy, I really love this design.