Category: Lorna’s WIP’s

Jan 01

Lorna’s Wacky Witches

Wow, Lorna has been busy on this one, look at her go.

Dec 02

Lorna’s Narrowboat Update

Here is another update from Lorna, is she going to get this finished before Christmas, I think so.

Nov 27

Lorna’s Narrowboat Update

Lorna has now finished the boat and she’s onto the water. The french knots are really frustrating her though as she’s  never really like how they turn out. Lorna has tried seed beads in the past but they always seem too big, but she’s  have to keep looking.  Any suggestions?

Nov 26

Lorna’s Narrowboat

Oh Wow, Lorna is getting there fast, she’s not got that much to go now.

Nov 20

Lorna’s Cut Throu Narrowboat update

Lorna is enjoying this one, here is another update.

Nov 19

Lorna’s Cut Through Narrowboat

Lorna has got back to her Cut Throu Narrowboat at some time away from it, and wow she’s done some, you can see how much she’s done since last time if you pop along to here

Oct 08

Lorna’s Birth Sampler

Will Lorna get this done for this weekend….go on Lorna, you are so close now.

Sep 28

Lorna’s Birth Sampler

This might be a little bit boring for Lorna to stitch but hay she’s nearly finished it.  Keep going, you are nearly there now.

Sep 17

Lorna’s Love Tree – Nearly Finished

Wow, Lorna has been busy, she is so close to finishing this lovely love tree, she may have already completed it by now.
To see all her progress click here.

Aug 18

Lorna is so close to finishing!!

This has got to be a WOW factor, Lorna keep going now and you’ll have this one finished by the end of the week.  Love it.