Category: Lorna’s WIP’s

May 02

Lorna’s Dotty Owls – WIP

Lorna is really enjoying this one.  Looking great and colourful too.

May 02

Lorna’s Home WIP

Here is a recent finish by Lorna,
Lorna, just needs to motivate herself to finish the last 2 houses.

Jan 12

Lorna’s Blue Morpho HAED WIP

Oh Lorna, you have been busy, this is growing nicely.
This is for Lorna’s Grandma, she’s not sure whether she will finish it for her birthday in June. Lorna is loving it more than she thought would.
The only requirement from her Grandma was something blue. She just hope she likes it.

Jan 12

Lorna’s Sweetie Jar WIP

Oh isn’t this lovely.  Lorna says that Tthis one was going to be discontinued and was half price so she just had to have it! A birthday treat to herself along with the food map one and the timeline to go with my kings and queens. She has finished one of the 9 jars of sweets but it makes her feel hungry

Dec 30

Lorna’s Garden Mouse WIP

Lorna’s progress on her Garden mouse. Lorna forgot how much she loved working on these little mice.

Dec 28

Lorna’s New HAED Start

Lorna started a haed on 23rd December, for her Grandma.
Its only a QS one so Lorna is doing it on 14 count. She didn’t expect to love doing it as much as she has. There is a lot less confetti than my other one at the moment so that probably helps.
Here is the

Jun 15

Lorna’s Story Time WIP

This is another monthly stitch along like Lorna’s magical creature one. This one is all famous books. Lorna has got quite behind on this one but she’s not really bothered. She managed to stitch one and a half in a couple of days so I can catch up fairly quickly.

Jun 15

Lorna’s Fun Technology WIP

Look at this funny stitch that Lorna is doing.

May 05

Lorna’s Game of Thrones Alphabet – On Monday 5th May

Lorna has her stitching mojo back after a few weeks of it being missing.
Here is Lorna’s  progress so far. I have also done a line underneath the bottom on I think although it is rolled up on my frame. I have one and a half rows left to do.

Jan 06

Lorna’s Magical Creatures

He is Lorna’s other Clouds Factory stitch along although this one is last years. Lorna have finished July and some of August. The first part of Lorna’s Zodiac one came on Jan 1st so she has been trying to complete part one of that one beings as it is this years one. After that Lorna will be back to