Category: Lorna’s Finished Work

Oct 25

Lorna’s Fun with Technology Finished

Yay, Lorna, has a finish too.

Jun 15

Lorna’s Birth Sampler – Finished

Oh wow, I love this, I didn’t even know they did a birth sampler. This is so cute, love it.

Dec 23

Lorna’s Framed Birth Sampler

Here is Lorna’s birth sampler frame, amazing.  Love it.

Nov 14

Another jumper for Lorna

I missed this post on the forum but Lorna has done another jumper, I really do like these, if I had enough time I’d get one stitched.

Nov 04

Lorna’s Christmas Jumper 2

Another super finish.

Oct 21

Lorna’s Finished Love Tree

OMG, a simple but effective frame, I’m going to get Lorna choosing my frames, well when I get anything finished that is.
Julie, how is your one going?

Oct 08

Lorna’s Dragonfly Fairy Framed

Oh my god, this looks even more stunning framed and well worth £52 to get it framed too, a huge well done to Lorna for all that work but what a result.

Sep 19

Love Tree Finished

Yay, another finish for Lorna.  Well done on getting this one complete.  So impressed.

Sep 04

Lorna’s Finished Dragonfly Fairy

Lorna finished this lovely on Monday, but I missed the post.  I so love this one and I’m proud of Lorna for sticking with this one, because she’s never really stitch on evenweave and all those beads.  A huge well done for get it finished.  Can I send some of mine to you.

May 13

Lorna’s Toolkit

Look at these lovely plastic canvas toolkit bits, she’s just got to mount them on a card now for Father’s Day.
Love them, I liked them when I saw them in the magazine last month but I’m not a plastic canvas fan, I do use it occasionally.