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May 16

Lisa’s Train of Dreams Update

Lisa is also stitching Train of Dreams with Jo and myself.  Lisa is stitching her’s with tent stitches, she’s catching us up now.

Jul 20

Lisa’s New Project – Cut Thru Caravan

Lisa has been tempted to start this beauty.

Click here to see how Lisa has got on.

Apr 27

Lisa’s Train of Dreams HAED WIP

Both Jo and myself are so tempted to start stitching this one, but we are going to try and get a few of our other projects finished first as you know HAED (Heaven and Earth Designs ) designs are beautiful and very detailed with loads of confetti stitches (one stitch on it’s own). They take many,

Apr 27

Lisa’s Middle Earth HAED project

Lisa has had a steaming needle with her HAED Middle Earth Project.
Here is what the finished result will look like.

This is where Lisa has got to so far.

Apr 12

Lisa’s Queen Mary’s Needlepoint WIP

Here you can see Lisa’s Queen Mary’s Needlepoint project.


Apr 12

Lisa’s Cut Thru Camper Van WIP

Here you can follow Lisa’s Cut Thru Camper Van project.