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Aug 28

Libbeth’s Pensive Moments WIP/UFO

Libbeth says Over 200 colours, and over 100 blends. Needless to say it’s pretty much a UFO.

Aug 26

Libbeth’s Mini Witching Hour WIP

Mini The Witching Hour by Lisa Parker. No more mini’s for Libbeth. She thought the regulars had a lot of confetti but this mini is pure confetti. Libbeth is  actually a little further on than this picture. Libbeth hopes to take a progress photo Over the bank holiday.
1 over 1 on 28 count

Aug 26

Libbeth’s A Long Winters Nap WIP

Libbeth hasn’t worked on this for a long time. 22 count hardanger. She did consider restarting on 28 count but she’ll give it another chance.
I think this is lovely.

Aug 26

Libbeth’s Train of Dreams WIP

Here’s Libbeth’s Train of Dreams, we are both about in the same area of stitching, Libbeth, we need to do a day to both stitch on this one and see if we can both finish it,….lol
1 over 1 on 28 count. I started this years and years ago when the pattern first came out

Aug 26

Libbeth’s Sleeping Beauty WIP

Here’s Libbeth’s sleeping beauty WIP.
This has languished for probably getting on for 20 years. It is actually further in than this picture and it only needs a few beads to finish it. I have come to the conclusion that I put off finishing it because I don’tknow a good framer.