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Sep 14

Kimberley’s Sewing Room WIP

Our Kimberley has come on so much in the last 4 years, from small pieces to big one, this is her latest WIP.

May 21

Kimberley’s Summer Window Update

I’m way behind adding this to the website and there is a chance Kimberley may have finished this one now.  I just want to take a moment to send big hugs to Kimberley because sadly her 2 year Rag Doll cat has been diagnosed with a terminal illness.  Thinking of you all Kimberley.

Jan 15

Kimberley’s Next Update

Coming along nicely.

Jan 11

Kimberley’s Latest Project

Here is Kimberley’s latest project, I can’t tell you what it is, even though I know as she is running a competition on the forum for some free threads if you can guess what it is, I’ve already guessed.
Now go on give it a guess and post your replies to this link on the

Jan 03

Kimberley’s Next Project – Competition Time

I won’t tell you what it is, anyone who guess the name of this one i’ll send them some threads

Go here to give your answer

Dec 14

Kimberley’s Spring Window WIP

Look at Kimberley go with this design and how she’s moved on so much in the last couple of years for the old Tatty Ted stitching.

Sep 13

Lions in the Wilderness by Kimberley

Kimberley is doing really well with this one, nearly done now.

Dec 24

Kimberley’s Snowman Update

Oh my Sorry Kimberley, I missed this yesterday.  I’m way late on this update, I wonder if you have done some more.

Nov 24

Kimberley’s Snowman

Kimberley has started a snowman design, here is how far she’s got.
If you want to see the full design click here.

Sep 28

KImberley’s Elegant Lady

Kimberley is having a change and is currently doing a very elegant lady.
You can see more of her progress here, the top section.

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