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Aug 23

Treat Time – Kimberley’s Finish

Here’s a little finish for Kimberley, but her fingers were sore from all the FK.

Feb 12

Kimberley’s Thank You Card Finishes

Oh my love these. Especially the one on top right.

Feb 12

Kimberley’s Little Finishes

Look at all these lovlies. I’m green with envy.

Jan 18

Kimberley’s Home Sweet Home Finish

Another finish for Kimberley.

Jan 18

Kimberley’s Christmas Bunny Finish

kimberlry has another little finish

Jan 16

Kimberley’s Christmas Penguin

Here’s a tiny finish

Jan 14

Kimberley’s Seaside Finish

Here is Kimberley’s latest finish. I stitched this a few years ago for my Partner for work and when he left he never took it with him. I was gutted as I loved these kits. They are so hard to buy in the U.K. So if you know where I can buy them let me

Jan 10

Kimberley’s Latest Finish

Here’s Kimberley’s latest finish. Sadly it wasn’t ready for Christmas.

Dec 31

Kimberley’s Spring Window – Finished

Kimberley has just finished her last finish for 2015. The lovely Spring Window.

Oct 25

Kimberley’s Lions in the wilderness – Finished

Kimberley has another finish for this year, I wonder what her next mission is, could it be Tatty Ted, I don’t think so.

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