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Jun 10

Julie’s Labrador Update

OMG, look at Julie go, you’ll get this one finished, keep going, love it.

May 16

Julie’s Labrador Update – Saturday 16th May

An hour a day and Julie’s Wip has grown, looking good.  It’s good if you can get an hour a day in, it slow moves on.  Love it.
To This

From this

May 08

Julie’s Labrador WIP

Look at Julie’s new WIP.  For newsletter readers you will need to go to the website to see what the finished result will look like.  It’s a great start, love it.

What the finished result will look like.

May 26

Julie’s Unfinished WIP’s

Julie has been having a sort out of her Stash and has come across these WIP’s waiting to be finished.
If you go to this link here you will see them. There are 3 of them.

May 26

Julie’s Heart Tree Update

Here is Julie’s update on her Heart Tree WIP
You can see her full progress here.

May 08

Julie’s Heart WIP

Now look at our Queen of WIP’s go, she’s cracking away with is one, she’ll soon have it finished.  WTG Julie.
Click Here to see Julie’s Full progress.

May 08

Julie’s Christmas Tree Ornament WIP

Julie has managed a little bit on her Christmas Tree Ornaments.
If you go to the members stitching you will see the difference between the last couple of pictures.  Look for Julie’s page.
Click Here to see Julies Ornament progress.

Apr 24

Julie’s Christmas Ornament WIP

Julie might also get these little cuties on her Christmas Tree this year.  She’s getting there.

Apr 24

Steaming Needle by Julie on her Bothy Thread Heart

Our Queen of the WIP’s has a steaming needle, I do think she’ll get this one finished at the pace she’s doing this one, keep going Julie.

Apr 18

Julie’s Bothy Threads Update

Julie is off work this week and she’s been busy getting out and about in her area and has managed to stitch and knit.  Brilliant, that’s my kind of week off.

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