Category: Jo’s WIP’s

Oct 21

Jo’s Snowman Project

I’m way behind putting updates up for Jo, this is her latest update but if you want to see what she is stitching, click here.

Oct 12

So Close to finishing

Jo has run out of thread with only a few stitches to go, so now she has to wait for Dimension to send some more but oh isn’t this so colourful. So frustration not to finish it.

Oct 08

Jo’s Midnight Dance, so close to finishing BUT….

Jo is so close to finishing this beauty but sadly Dimension has done it again and she is short on a couple of colours 12288, and 14224, I wonder if anybody can help, Lisa and myself have looked in our Dimension bits and no joy.

Sep 19

Jo’s Midnight Dance Update

Jo is getting there slowly.

Sep 08

Jo’s Update on Midnight Dance

Jo only has the backstitching to do now, this is vibrant, I love it.

Aug 23

Jo has finished the stitching – now the cutting!!

Jo has finished the stitching of her formula 1 car, now comes the tricky bit, the cutting.

Aug 19

Jo is speeding through this one

Look at Jo’s speeding needle go, it’s great to have a small finish when you stitch large projects.
You can see all Jo’s progress here,¬†as I couldn’t put more than one photo on for the newsletter,

Aug 16

Jo’s perforated paper Formula One Birthday Card

Look what Jo is stitching now, very brave on perforated paper.
You can follow all Jo’s progress and see what the finished card will look like here.

Jul 21

Jo’s Midnight Dance – Update

Here is another update from Jo, it’s a WOW factor this one.

May 14

Jo’s Midnight Dance Update

Jo has been rather poorly that last few days to a week or so, but she’s kept at her Midnight Dance and look at it now. Jo we hope you feel better really soon and you can get your operation done quickly and safely xx.
You can see all Jo’s update and follow her progress