Category: Jo’s WIP’s

May 07

Jo’s White Tiger – Further Update

Jo has another update on her white tiger, go Jo.  You can see the fur developing.

May 06

Jo’s White Tiger Update

Jo has certainly got her stitching bug back, thank goodness.  Here is her latest update from I think Thursday.

Apr 30

Jo’s Train of Dreams WIP

Jo hasn’t stitched for a while and has just pulled out Train of Dreams by HAED to see where she got to and was surprised at how far she had gotten, so here is Jo’s update, just in case she manages to carry on with it later next month.

Apr 27

Jo’s White Tiger WIP

Yay, our Jo has finally got her stitching bug back and here was her latest update.

May 16

Jo’s Train of Dream Update

Here is Jo’s Train of Dreams and I think she is managing so well with her first HAED.  I’ve worked on mine but I’ve not taken a picture this week, so I will update later in the week.

Jan 01

Jo’s Butterfly update

Jo is certainly getting on with this with her steaming needle, but she needs it finished soon for Steph’s birthday at the end of the month.  The Jo is having is the confetti stitches, but it’ll be worth it in the end.

Dec 23

Jo’s Bluebell and Butterfly

Jo has a new project on the go, I so love this design.

Dec 04

Jo’s Snow leopard

Jo has been working on her snow leopard, here is an update for you all.

Nov 20

Jo’s restart on her Snow Leopards

Jo decided to re start her Snow Leopards on 18ct aida instead of what she was stitching on before, which I think was 14ct.

Oct 22

Jo’s Snowman update over night

Our Jo has been a night owl, unpicking and re stitching.  Look where she has got to now. You can see what she’s stitching by clicking here.