Category Archive: Glen’s WIP’s

Sep 14

Glen’s Latest WIP – Death By Cross Stitch

Oh my Glen has been bitten by the Death by Cross Stitch Chart, so here is her latest update. A huge!!!! Sampler.

May 27

Glen’s Sea Flora – WIP

OMG, Glen, you have a project of your own, look at you go with this.

May 16

Glen’s Santa Update

Glen has done a little bit more on her Santa design.  You can see the full progress here

May 16

Glen’s HAED – bookshelf start

Because our newsletter only puts one photo per post, I’ve split Glen’s HAED photos up.  Here is how she’s got on with the start of this huge design.

May 16

Glen’s – Haed – Aimee Stewart called Treasure Bookshelf

Wow, Glen this is a large HAED project, good luck,.

May 16

Glen’s Huge Frame

Now I thought my frame was big but look at Glen’s set up for her HAED design.