Category: Emma’s WIP’s

Nov 04

Emma’s Max the Cat update

Emma as always has a steaming needle, do you think she will get this finished for Christmas, I think at this rate she will, go Emma.

Oct 21

Emma’s Christmas Deer Update

Emma, isn’t doing to bad with her Christmas deer, looking very good.  There can’t be much left to do now.


Oct 09

Emma’s Christmas Deer

And now there is snow, this is coming along lovely and it’ll be ready in time for Christmas, more than mine will be.

Sep 30

Emma’s Christmas Deer Update

Emma has been busy with her Christmas deer, here is another little update.

Sep 28

Emma’s Christmas Deer

This looks like it won’t take long to finish now.  Look at Emma go.

Sep 24

Emma’s Xmas Deer Update

Blimey, Emma will have this finished very soon.

Sep 18

Emma’s Christmas Deer WIP

Emma is really working hard with all her stitching, next project has been started, one of two.  Here is her Christmas deer.

Aug 27

Emma’s Next Project – Fairy

Here is Emma’s next project a little fairy.

Aug 06

Emma is nearly finished – Family Guy update

Oh well Emma has some patients to stick with the bold colours, she’s so nearly there now.

May 02

Emma’s Family Guy Update

Emma has slowly been working on her Family Guy project.
Here is a little update.