Category: Emma’s WIP’s

Sep 14

Emma’s WIP – Elegant Lady

Here is the latest update on Emma’s new WIP – Elegant Lady.

May 21

Emma’s Teddy Update

Both Emma and I have started this cute teddy by Durene Jones.  I managed to finish mine yesterday, but Emma lost her stitchy bug but it’s slowly coming back now.
We are also thinking of you to Emma, as Bluebell has a poorly foot and we are all hoping the medication and cream will heal

Apr 30

Emma’s Little Girl Update

Emma, has managed some of the backstitching last night and wow it pops out now, she’s just got a little bit more to do and she will have another finish for this year.

Apr 29

Emma’s Little Girl Update

Now I told you Emma had a steaming needle, here is her progress since the last update.

Apr 28

Emma’s New WIP

The other day our lovely Emma, with the steaming needle started a new project, and I’m sure by now she’s progressed a lot, but here is what she had done the other day.
Emma, how’s it progress, pop to the forum and let us know.

Jan 14

Emma’s Max the cat update

Emma has  done so many hours on Max the other day, she reckons at least 5 hours. Emma has now finished the left section of the bottom part, she will now start the right section of the bottom part. Emma is really enjoying stitching it, she say’s it’s amazing the effect the different greys have.

Dec 23

Emma’s Small finishes 3

Now I need to get something small on the go over the holidays.  Love them.

Dec 23

Emma’s Small Finish 2

Dec 23

Emma’s Small finish 1

Nov 07

Emma’s Steaming Needle on Max the Cat

OMG. look Emma go with this project, I wonder how much she has done since this update?