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Jan 10

Birthday Thread 2017 Exchange

we don’t have many members doing this this year. There is still time to join in.
So far we have Me, Alison, Glen, Cheryl, Kimberley and Ann.

Jan 03

2016 Birthday Thread Exchange

Are there any more members interested in the birthday thread exchange for this year.  You just send a card, made or bought with 2 – 4 threads/floss included.
I have the following members signed up.
Me, Susan, Alison, Ann and Kimberley.
If you are interested, please go and sign up at this link today.

Dec 28

Birthday Thread Exchange 2016

I still have the Birthday Thread Exchange open on the forum for members who would like to join in.
You do have to be aware if your birthday is early in the year that you must carry on sending to other members that have them later on in the year.
I have to say I’ve

Nov 27

Susan’s Birthday Cards

It’s lovely to see the birthday thread exchange cards, but I’m so sad that we have struggled this year to send them out.  I’m thinking we won’t be doing it next year.

Jul 05

Alison’s Birthday Cards

Thank you to all members that remembered to send cards to Alison for her birthday, there were a couple that missed it and I hope they will make up for the missing cards soon.  It is a shame when you get half way through the year and people don’t stick to joining in.  Especially when

May 13

Birthday Thread Reminder – Alison and Jo’s Birthday’s in June

Just a little reminder to those members who are in the Birthday Thread Exchange, It is Alison’s birthday on 15th June and Jo’s on the 16th.  Where is this year going, we are near enough half way through it now.

Apr 16

Emma’s Birthday Cards from the Birthday Thread Exchange

Here are Emma’s card that she received on her birthday from our birthday thread exchange.  What a lovely collection.

Apr 13

Julie’s Birthday Threads

With all our moving around Julie held back putting her birthday thread exchange picture up on the forum, here we go, this is what Julie got.