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May 27

Bianca’s Faces of Fairy Update

Look at Bianca now, even with toothache, looking good and Bianca, I have fluff on my work too, I just brush it off with my finger…lol.

May 21

Bianca’s HAED Update

Bianca is slowing moving along with her HAED, looking great.

May 10

Bianca’s Frosted Pumpkin Update

Yay, Bianca’s is up to date with the Frosted Pumpkin SAL.  Looking great.

May 01

Bianca’s Faces of Faery Update

Now look at Bianca go, she’s getting the hang of parking now, but here back is slightly heavy but that’ll be the carrying of threads, which I don’t do.
She also has problems with needles going black, I’ve suggested gloves, any member have another other suggestions?

Apr 30

Bianca’s Faces of Faery Update

Here’s Bianca’s, update as Bianca says she’s getting parking right for once I’m so happy right now,

Apr 29

Bianca’s Frosted Pumpkin WIP

Let’s go on an adventure – I’m not personally a fan of these designs, but I do like this one, Bianca is doing great with it.

Apr 29

Bianca’s Faces of Faeries 193

Here is Bianca’s Faces of Faeries HAED WIP, Bianca is really struggling at the moment with learning parking, not my thing, tried and failed.  If anyone can help, please pop to the forum.

Apr 29

Bianca’s Red WIP

Another Mira design Bianca is stitching.  Red.

Apr 29

Bianca’s Rose of Provence WIP

Here is Bianca’s Rose of Provence WIP, I really like this one too, but I doubt I’ll stitch it, but you never know.

Apr 27

Bianca’s Mother Lizzie Kate Update

Here is the latest update of Bianca’s Lizzie Kate Mother WIP.

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