Category: Ann’s WIP’s

Jun 25

Ann’s Northern Lights WIP

Page 1 done. 51 hrs
Not really much to see. 11 more pages to go.
Ann is not stitching half as much but she’s still enjoying it when she can.

Jun 08

Ann’s Next Project – Northern Lights

Here is a picture of Ann’s next project, oh wow look at those colours.

May 13

Ann’s Buddha Update

Look at our Ann go, she will soon have this one finished and on her wall.

May 05

Ann’s Golden Buddha

Ann is stitching this one again for herself, it’s coming along well.  she’s had a few problems but it’s a great start, I wonder how much she’s done now?

Feb 17

Ann’s Yin and Yang

Well guy’s after 5 mths of no stitching through illness and lost MOJO iAnn is back into it.
Ann knows she will never be able to do my 30-40 hrs a wk because of her eyes but over the last 2 wks Ann has  managed 26 hrs. whoooo hoooo.
So here we are with 12 pages and only another

Sep 04

Ann’s Yin and Yang Dragons

Here is another update on Ann’s Yin and Yang Dragons, wow, look at that steaming needle.  Lovely.

Aug 12

Ann’s New Yin Yang Project

Ann has started a new project, she has completed 4 pages already.
You can see what the finished picture will look like here.

May 24

Ann’s Pages 1-44 Update

Well here we are at the far edge AGAIN lol.1 more width to go to the finish ,,,, 11 pages so around 11 wks.
You can see Ann’s full progress HERE

May 12

Ann’s WIP pages 1 – 42

Look at this stunning work.

May 02

Ann’s Between the holes of the memory pages 1-40 Update

Join the forum discussion on this postWow, Ann, look at you go, nearly to the finish, what is your deadline, I’m sure it’ll be June or July time.
I really don’t know how Ann can stay on one project from start to finish, AMAZING.