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Sep 05

Ann’s Helping Hands WIP

Ann is really cracking on with this WIP, you know Ann, one project at a time.

Aug 28

Ann’s Hands Drawing Hands WIP

Look at Ann go on this project, she’ll have this complete in no time,

Aug 21

Ann’s New Wip

Here is Ann’s new WIP, Hands drawing Hands, if you’d like to see Ann’s latest finish, please take a moment to visit the forum if you are a member.

Jan 20

Ann’s WIP Update

Ann is half way through this piece, it’s taken 467 hrs.

Jan 10

Ann’s Page 15 complete

Here’s Ann’s latest page finish. Page 15 complete

May 21

Ann’s Little Man Update

Thankfully, slowly Ann has managed to get back to a little bit of stitching after breaking her ribs, here is her latest update.

Apr 30

Ann’s Little Old Man Wip

Poor Ann broke her ribs 2 weeks ago and is so frustrated that she can’t sit to work on him, but hopefully today she’s managed about 10 minutes, but just so you can see how she’s got on here he is.  It’s coming on a treat.

Jan 02

Ann’s Northern Lights WIP – Pages 1 to 8

Here is another update on Ann’s Northern Lights, we are both plodding on with our large projects.

Dec 28

Ann’s Northern Lights WIP Update – Pages 1-7 plus 2 more columns

Here is Ann’s Northern Lights update, coming along nicely.  I bet Ann finishes her large project before I do.

Nov 27

Ann’s Northern Lights WIP

Here is Ann’s Northern Lights WIP, wow, it’s come on so much.

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