Category: Ann’s Non Stitched Cards

Aug 28

Ann’s Homemade Birthday Card

Ann has made a lovely birthday card for her daughter.  Love it.

Apr 12

Ann’s Finished cards 2

Apr 12

Ann’s Finished Cards 1

Ann has been poorly but before she fell ill she managed to make these lovely cards. Her stitch that bug has gone on it’s holidays!!!!

Sep 14

Ann’s Finished Cards

Ann has been very busy making cards, there are a few pictures, if you are reading this on the newsletter and want to see the others, please click the link.  I wish I could do these but no idea…lol

Jul 24

Ann’s Steampunk Card

Ann made this for her adopted Sister.She loves steampunk but is also a x stitcher. Trying to incorporate the two was rather hard LOL.

May 24

007 Card

Here is another lovely card made by Ann, very clever,

May 24

Have one on me card

Look at this lovely card made by Ann, love it.

May 06

Ann’s Non Stitched Birdy Card

Here is another card by Ann.  Another lovely one.

May 05

Ann’s Non Stitched Cards

We have a talented lady called Ann, who only stitches large projects, so to break the stitching down a little she makes these lovely homemade cards.  Love it Ann.