Category: Alison’s WIP’s

Dec 23

May Your Days…… by Alison

Alison has started her new project.  It is a Lizzie Kate design.
I bet this is nearly finished now, I’m sooo late updating things.

Dec 07

Alison’s Winter Wonderland Update

Here is another update on Alison’s Winter Wonderland, she’s being brave and working on the metallic thread for the snow, rather Alison than me.

Nov 26

Alison’s Winder Wonderland

Look at this lovely, Alison has been busy of late.  It looks like this will be done just in time for Christmas.  To see the finished design, click here.

Oct 07

Alison’s Celestial Dragon Update

Look at Alison go, I think I missed an update the other week but here you go, only loads of backstitch to go now.

Sep 28

Alison’s WIP- Steaming Needle

Look at Alison’s needle go. Green with envy.

Sep 06

Alison’s New Project – Celestial Dragon

Here is Alison’s new project by Joan Elliott

Aug 18

Alison’s Cat Whiskers 2 – Update

Wow, another project nearly finished, keep going Alison, I don’t envy you with all that backstitch to do but well worth it.

Aug 05

Alison’s Cat Whiskers Update

Alison thought she wasn’t doing to great with this project but when she looked at the photo progress she realised she had.
To see Alison’s progress on this one click here.

May 12

Alison’s Cat Whiskers 2 WIP

Alison has started cat whiskers 2 to go along side cat whiskers 1
Here is her progress so far.  You can also see Alison’s cat whiskers 1 here.

Apr 12

Alison’s Cats Whiskers WIP

Here you can see Alison’s progress on her Cats Whiskers project.