Category: Alison’s WIP’s

Sep 05

Alison’s Halloween SAL Update

Alison is doing well with this SAL, they have just released part 3 today.

Aug 30

Alison’s Halloween SAL WIP

Stitched on Tangerine hand dyed 28count from Sewitall.

Jan 15

Alison’s Cats, Cats, Cats WIP

Look at Alison’s Cats project. It’s coming along nicely but she’s not looking forward to all that backstitch, but I know it’s worth it. Mines hung on my landing.

May 02

Alison’s White Tiger Wip

Alison is so close to finishing this now,not long to go.

Jan 15

Alison’s Little Sew and Sew Update

This is coming on great for Alison but she’s got those squashed stitching and backstitch to contend with.

Dec 29

Alison’s Hexagen Table Runner

Christmas hexagon table runner update. Draped over her newell post as it’s too long to get in a picture otherwise.

Sep 13

Alison’s Sleepy Project

I think our Alison is more cat mad than me, or equally.

Jun 17

Alison’s Mermaid Update

Alison has made a little more progress, it looks almost there now.

May 05

Alison’s Little Mermaid

And here is Alison’s latest progress. Four months in.

Jan 14

Alison’s Little Mermaid WIP

Well look at Alison go with her new project, putting me to shame.
Here is Alison’s start on the Mermaid picture. Alison started on New Year’s day so she says it will be interesting to see how long this takes. Alison started in the top left hand corner (first two pages going down). So it will be another