I live in Rochdale, UK and I've cross stitched for the past 21+ years. I did take 10 years off stitching but I'm back to stitching again and I was a home stitcher for Immediate Media, who publish most of the cross stitch mags. Keep an eye open in the Cross Stitch Crazy magazine as you will see my name in print under the

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Aug 26

Libbeth’s Sleeping Beauty WIP

Here’s Libbeth’s sleeping beauty WIP.
This has languished for probably getting on for 20 years. It is actually further in than this picture and it only needs a few beads to finish it. I have come to the conclusion that I put off finishing it because I don’tknow a good framer.


Aug 23

Afternoon Nap Foxes – Shazie Finished

I have a finish, only took 15 hours to stitch, I had to add the whiskers on the bottom 2 foxes as this wasn’t charted and they looked funny.  I have 17 WIP’s left, I forgot one on my list the other day, my HAED Four Seasons.
I have another close to  a finish too,

Aug 23

Treat Time – Kimberley’s Finish

Here’s a little finish for Kimberley, but her fingers were sore from all the FK.

Aug 21


Hi all,
I have had a clear up on the forum and a few members I’ve removed, if you would still like to be an active member on our forum, drop me a message on with a username and I will add you to the forum.
If you have any stitching friends that would

Aug 21

Shazie’s Afternoon Nap Foxes WIP

Here is one of my 17 WIP’s that is so close to finish now, but I have to get back to work stitching today.
If you want to see all my WIP’s please pop along to the forum and have a look.

Aug 21

Ann’s New Wip

Here is Ann’s new WIP, Hands drawing Hands, if you’d like to see Ann’s latest finish, please take a moment to visit the forum if you are a member.

Aug 21

Alison’s Caravan ornament Finish

Here’s a little finish for our Alison, so cute.

Apr 12

Shazie’s HAED – Witching Hour Update

I’m getting excited now. I have 1.5 pages to go to the finish. Yesterday I spent 4.5 hours stitching black. This is where I am this morning after 906 hours stitching.
If you want to see a quick video here you go


Apr 12

Alison’s Finished Crochet Cushion

Look at Alison’s finished crochet cushion. Amazing that a couple of years ago Alison didn’t know how to crochet. Love this.

Apr 12

Shazie’s Lakeside Fanrasy SAL Update

Heres my Fantasy SAl. I’m trying to stay up to date apart from the border.