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Sep 14

Shazie’s Witching Hour WIP

This one too has moved on a bit now, nearly finished this row, still got 3 rows to go and I so hoped to have this finished this year, but it’s not looking like that will happen with all the other bits I have on the go, but you never know, there is a lot

Sep 14

Shazie’s Kingdom of Books WIP

This one has moved on a little since this photo, I have the start of the next purple book, will update again soon.  But I so love these colours, I just need more hours in the day to stitch all the things I have on the go.
Possible job pending, should hear today or tomorrow

Sep 14

Shazie’s Lakeside Fantasy SAL WIP

Oh dear I was enabled, I really didn’t need any more WIPs did I… but I have a couple of finishes, to come further up.
Loving this one, I want to complete the border on the bottom half, then I’m happy till next year.  I can just do the monthly releases that come out every

Sep 14

Kimberley’s Sewing Room WIP

Our Kimberley has come on so much in the last 4 years, from small pieces to big one, this is her latest WIP.

Sep 14

Glen’s Latest WIP – Death By Cross Stitch

Oh my Glen has been bitten by the Death by Cross Stitch Chart, so here is her latest update. A huge!!!! Sampler.

Sep 14

Sharon’s last update on Misty Melody

I’m sure Sharon has moved on since with this beauty, and I believe she is back on with HAED Four Season, mine is being neglected. 🙁

Sep 14

Alison’s Stitched card finishes

Alison has had a couple of card finishes, again if you are reading the newsletter, to see the other image, click the link.  Great finishes Alison.

Sep 14

Ann’s Finished Cards

Ann has been very busy making cards, there are a few pictures, if you are reading this on the newsletter and want to see the others, please click the link.  I wish I could do these but no idea…lol

Sep 14

Emma’s WIP – Elegant Lady

Here is the latest update on Emma’s new WIP – Elegant Lady.

May 07

Janie’s Finished Flowers

This is a recent finish for Janie, pretty flowers.  Stitched on 19ct with 4 strands of threads.