Monthly Archive: January 2016

Jan 16

Shazie’s Celtic Summer WIP

Look who’s back, I decided to give her a bit of work, not much today but I would love to get onto Celtic Autumn this year, so this one needs finishing first….BUT,….I have one beading needle and can I find the sodding thing…NO, so I have just done a little bit of stitching, not much,

Jan 15

Kimberley’s Next Update

Coming along nicely.

Jan 15

Bianca’s 99 by Ink Circle – Finished

Yay, Bianca has her first finish for 2016, well done you.  You manage to keep going and get these bottles done.
If you want to see Bianca’s video on flosstube, please pop here, she will tell you what she’s doing next.

Jan 15

Alison’s Little Sew and Sew Update

This is coming on great for Alison but she’s got those squashed stitching and backstitch to contend with.

Jan 12

Lorna’s Blue Morpho HAED WIP

Oh Lorna, you have been busy, this is growing nicely.
This is for Lorna’s Grandma, she’s not sure whether she will finish it for her birthday in June. Lorna is loving it more than she thought would.
The only requirement from her Grandma was something blue. She just hope she likes it.

Jan 12

Lorna’s Sweetie Jar WIP

Oh isn’t this lovely.  Lorna says that Tthis one was going to be discontinued and was half price so she just had to have it! A birthday treat to herself along with the food map one and the timeline to go with my kings and queens. She has finished one of the 9 jars of sweets but it makes her feel hungry

Jan 11

Kimberley’s Latest Project

Here is Kimberley’s latest project, I can’t tell you what it is, even though I know as she is running a competition on the forum for some free threads if you can guess what it is, I’ve already guessed.
Now go on give it a guess and post your replies to this link on the

Jan 11

Cheryl’s Show Me Who’s Boss Finish

Here is another finish for Cheryl, stitched for a friend who has a yorkie dog.

Jan 10

Shazie’s HAED – Witching Hour Update

I’m now at 302 hours, not doing as much with starting rotating but I’m pleased, let’s see how much I get done next week.

Jan 10

Shazie’s Train of Dreams Update

Here you go my Train of Dreams update, only got back on this a couple of days ago and kept on it instead of going onto The Witching Hour.

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