June 2015 archive

Jun 15

Lorna’s Fun Technology WIP

Look at this funny stitch that Lorna is doing.

Jun 10

Julie’s Labrador Update

OMG, look at Julie go, you’ll get this one finished, keep going, love it.

Jun 08

Shazie’s Gemini Update

Here is just a quick update, it’s not a brill photo I’ll will do another one soon.

Jun 08

Kimberley’s Finished – Beach

I so love this design, I know it’s the hardest Kimberley’s ever done but it’s it’s beautiful, I could just be sat there.

Jun 08

Ann’s Finished Golden Buddha

Look at this beauty.  Ann finished this a couple of weeks ago.  Love it, now don’t let it leave your house this one.

Jun 08

Ann’s Next Project – Northern Lights

Here is a picture of Ann’s next project, oh wow look at those colours.