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May 16

Jo’s Knitting

Jo has taken some time out his week from stitching, getting out and about and doing some knitting.  Oh how I wish I could knit.  Looks great Jo.

May 16

Jo’s Train of Dream Update

Here is Jo’s Train of Dreams and I think she is managing so well with her first HAED.  I’ve worked on mine but I’ve not taken a picture this week, so I will update later in the week.

May 16

Lisa’s Train of Dreams Update

Lisa is also stitching Train of Dreams with Jo and myself.  Lisa is stitching her’s with tent stitches, she’s catching us up now.

May 16

Alison’s – Mermaid WIP – Saturday 16th May

Oh Alison the end is getting near now, well dependent on how many beads you have to do.  But it is looking great.

May 16

Julie’s Labrador Update – Saturday 16th May

An hour a day and Julie’s Wip has grown, looking good.  It’s good if you can get an hour a day in, it slow moves on.  Love it.
To This

From this

May 16

Shazie’s Gemini Update 208 hours – Saturay 16th May

I’ve not managed to stitch on this as much as I’d have liked this week, new in house software for work which I need to master so we can go live next week, so I think my stitching will be taking the back seat for a couple of weeks.  But I’ve managed 3.5 hours on

May 13

Ann’s Buddha Update

Look at our Ann go, she will soon have this one finished and on her wall.

May 08

Julie’s Labrador WIP

Look at Julie’s new WIP.  For newsletter readers you will need to go to the website to see what the finished result will look like.  It’s a great start, love it.

What the finished result will look like.

May 08

Rachael’s HAED Adrift Page 16 complete

Look at Rachael’s HAED Adrift, there is some work in this one, but way to go at getting to page 16.

May 08

Shazie’s Train of Dreams – 1st Panel of 8 finished

OMG, I’ve finally finished my first panel, it has taken me 63.5 hours to complete this, it was getting hard work at the end but I plodded on, saying one stitch nearer….lol

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