January 2015 archive

Jan 14

Emma’s Max the cat update

Emma has  done so many hours on Max the other day, she reckons at least 5 hours. Emma has now finished the left section of the bottom part, she will now start the right section of the bottom part. Emma is really enjoying stitching it, she say’s it’s amazing the effect the different greys have.

Jan 14

Alison’s Little Mermaid WIP

Well look at Alison go with her new project, putting me to shame.
Here is Alison’s start on the Mermaid picture. Alison started on New Year’s day so she says it will be interesting to see how long this takes. Alison started in the top left hand corner (first two pages going down). So it will be another

Jan 09

Chatterbox Stitchers on Facebook

Hi Everyone,
We now have most of us on FB in the group on there and we are seeming to be more chatty on there than on here. I know there are a few members here that don’t use FB so I’m happy to run both of the groups but the benefit with FB is

Jan 06

Kimberley’s Snowman Finish

Yay another finish for 2015, here is Kimberley’s Snowman, I wonder what Kimberley will be doing next?

Jan 06

Lorna’s Magical Creatures

He is Lorna’s other Clouds Factory stitch along although this one is last years. Lorna have finished July and some of August. The first part of Lorna’s Zodiac one came on Jan 1st so she has been trying to complete part one of that one beings as it is this years one. After that Lorna will be back to

Jan 06

Shazie’s Freya restart – Size Difference

OMG, look at the difference in size from my first start of Freya on 32ct evenweave 2 over 2 and my restart on 28ct eveneweave 1 over 1, amazing.  I’m so glad I did restart this one.

Jan 06

Jo’s First 2015 Finish – Butterfly and Bluebells

Jo has done so well and finished this lovely pretty design.  Well Done Jo.  I wonder what you will do next?

Jan 01

Happy New Year 2015

Oh my gosh, it doesn’t seem 15 years since the Millennium, where has that time gone.  I would like to wish all our Chatterbox Stitchers a Happy New Year.  I wonder what we will all stitch this year.
Come along to the forum and say hello to us all for the start of 2015.

Jan 01

Alison’s May Your Days……Finished

Look at this lovely that Alison has finished.  Now does she frame it or make it into a cushion?  I think a cushion as I know Alison is limited for space on her walls.

Jan 01

Lorna’s Wacky Witches

Wow, Lorna has been busy on this one, look at her go.