December 2014 archive

Dec 15

Website Problems

Hi Everyone,
We have had some problems with the website, but this morning it seems ok, can you all go to the site and see what happens to you, do you get a red screen?
Let me know.

Dec 08

Lorna’s Christmas Exchange from Emma

Dec 08

Lorna’s Christmas Exchange From Kimberley

Here is another lovely Christmas card in our Exchange.

Dec 07

Alison’s Winter Wonderland Update

Here is another update on Alison’s Winter Wonderland, she’s being brave and working on the metallic thread for the snow, rather Alison than me.

Dec 07

Alison’s Christmas Exchange from Emma

Here is a lovely card from Emma to Alison.

Dec 07

Susan’s Christmas Exchange to Me

I have it on the tree but my darling Thor, young kitten, he’s stealing the bits I have on there.  The tree is nearly going back in it’s box this year, will I make Christmas day with it!!!
I love it Susan, I know have 5 stitched ornaments on my tree sadly nothing else this

Dec 07

Susan’s Christmas Exchange from Me

I have to say, I didn’t make it up, and WOW, I’m glad I didn’t, I would never have  thought of putting it together like this, I want it back…hehe….love….no I’m only joking.

Dec 04

Jo’s Snow leopard

Jo has been working on her snow leopard, here is an update for you all.

Dec 02

Lorna’s Narrowboat Update

Here is another update from Lorna, is she going to get this finished before Christmas, I think so.

Dec 02

My lovely Christmas Exchange from Susan

Look at my love Exchange from Susan.  Love it.  Thor hasn’t yet taken it off the tree yet!!