October 2014 archive

Oct 21

Emma’s Christmas Deer Update

Emma, isn’t doing to bad with her Christmas deer, looking very good. ¬†There can’t be much left to do now.


Oct 13

Alison’s Free Cross Stitch Crazy Bell

Now I have to say this looks better than when I got my free one, I might even do mine.

Oct 12

So Close to finishing

Jo has run out of thread with only a few stitches to go, so now she has to wait for Dimension to send some more but oh isn’t this so colourful. So frustration not to finish it.

Oct 09

Emma’s Christmas Deer

And now there is snow, this is coming along lovely and it’ll be ready in time for Christmas, more than mine will be.

Oct 08

Lorna’s Birth Sampler

Will Lorna get this done for this weekend….go on Lorna, you are so close now.

Oct 08

Shazie’s Santa s Nap Update

Well I am on my 87th hour and I’m thinking maybe a 100 in total to half of the design, I’m not sure I’m going to get it finished in time for this year, I’d need it finished for 1st December, so I’d need to do at least 2 hours a day on it and

Oct 08

Susan’s Cosmetics Bag

Oh how I wish I could make something like this, we have some very talented ladies in our group that can make great things out of just plain cross stitch. Love it.

Oct 08

Lorna’s Dragonfly Fairy Framed

Oh my god, this looks even more stunning framed and well worth £52 to get it framed too, a huge well done to Lorna for all that work but what a result.

Oct 08

Jo’s Midnight Dance, so close to finishing BUT….

Jo is so close to finishing this beauty but sadly Dimension has done it again and she is short on a couple of colours 12288, and 14224, I wonder if anybody can help, Lisa and myself have looked in our Dimension bits and no joy.

Oct 07

Kimberley’s Coaster

I just love coaster and I love this one Kimberley has made.