October 2014 archive

Oct 28

Lorna’s Finished Birth Sampler

I have great admiration to Lorna for finishing this design, I can imagine that border was so boring, another finished one to your list, well done Lorna.  Steaming needle.

Oct 28

Kimberley’s Elegant Lady

Look at this lovely Elegant Lady that Kimberley has just finished stitching, she just has to o add the crystals which are iron on but haven’t done it yet as i haven’t got a frame and once they’re on i can’t wash it again.

Oct 28

Emma’s Framed Christmas Deer

Emma is certainly taking to making her finished designs into lovely canvas pictures.  Great result Emma, now where will you store it after Christmas!!

Oct 24

Emma’s Finished Christmas Deer

Oh wow, isn’t this cute and Christmasy, well done Emma on this lovely finish, can’t wait to see it made up on canvas.

Oct 22

How many WIP’s do you have on the go?

I’m thinking about starting a rotation of all the WIP’s I have on the go, maybe try a week on each and swap, maybe doing something small on the weekends.
Here is what I have to complete….gulp.

Gemini – HAED
Cat Tales – HAED
Celtic Summer
Max in the Adirondacks
Santa’s Nap

Oct 22

Jo’s Snowman update over night

Our Jo has been a night owl, unpicking and re stitching.  Look where she has got to now. You can see what she’s stitching by clicking here.

Oct 21

Esmae Photo’s

Just a little word up there are some new photo’s of Esmae on the forum.

Oct 21

Lorna’s Finished Love Tree

OMG, a simple but effective frame, I’m going to get Lorna choosing my frames, well when I get anything finished that is.
Julie, how is your one going?

Oct 21

Alison’s Finished Celestial Dragon

Wow, Alison has had a steaming needle, I just don’t know how she does it and works full time.  I wonder what her next project is going to be?

Oct 21

Jo’s Snowman Project

I’m way behind putting updates up for Jo, this is her latest update but if you want to see what she is stitching, click here.