September 2014 archive

Sep 19

Jo’s Midnight Dance Update

Jo is getting there slowly.

Sep 18

Emma’s Christmas Deer WIP

Emma is really working hard with all her stitching, next project has been started, one of two.  Here is her Christmas deer.

Sep 17

Susan’s Finished Parisian Patisserie

I really love this one, the colours are vibrant, just like all Susan Bates designs, I want it on my kitchen wall but would need to redecorate for it to look good.  This has taken Susan a year and a half to complete but it was well worth it.  Anyone for cake??

Sep 17

Emma’s Set finished

I am a  little bit behind but here is another of Emma’s great finishes, I wish I could get the time like I used to have to get stitching.  Great finish Emma.

Sep 17

Stack and Whack quilted wall hanging

Here is another “finish” for this year for Susan (hand-stitched quilting, but no cross stitch).She started this one about 5 years ago, it’s made by laying 8 layers of the same fabric, matching the pattern, then cutting through them all at once. This way the pattern is repeated 8 times and when you assemble them in

Sep 17

Alison’s Manx Roof Tile Patchwork

I really love this, not sure I could do it mind as my hand stitching is shocking, great effect.  It looks like Alison might have another hobby.

Sep 17

Lorna’s Love Tree – Nearly Finished

Wow, Lorna has been busy, she is so close to finishing this lovely love tree, she may have already completed it by now.
To see all her progress click here.

Sep 08

Jo’s Update on Midnight Dance

Jo only has the backstitching to do now, this is vibrant, I love it.

Sep 07

Kimberley’s Patchwork Project finished.

Kimberley has yet again had a steaming needle and has finished this lovely patchwork design by Susan Bates.
I wonder what she will do next?

Sep 06

Alison’s New Project – Celestial Dragon

Here is Alison’s new project by Joan Elliott