September 2014 archive

Sep 30

Photo’s on the Newsletter yesterday.

I’m sorry about the photo’s on the newsletter yesterday, I do struggle with the right way round, it looks ok on the computer and then bang it’s round the wrong way, it is so annoying.  I’ve had this problem for the past 2 years and I have read and tried the work rounds, Windows 8

Sep 30

Emma’s Christmas Deer Update

Emma has been busy with her Christmas deer, here is another little update.

Sep 28

Lorna’s Birth Sampler

This might be a little bit boring for Lorna to stitch but hay she’s nearly finished it.  Keep going, you are nearly there now.

Sep 28

KImberley’s Elegant Lady

Kimberley is having a change and is currently doing a very elegant lady.
You can see more of her progress here, the top section.

Sep 28

Emma’s Christmas Deer

This looks like it won’t take long to finish now.  Look at Emma go.

Sep 28

Alison’s WIP- Steaming Needle

Look at Alison’s needle go. Green with envy.

Sep 28

Santa’s Nap – 68 hours

I’m wondering if I could get this finished this year in time for Christmas if I do an hour a day!!!  Not convinced.

Sep 28

Little Man and My Santa’s Nap WIP

I have struggled to stitch for a month now and it’s getting me down, so I thought Thor was going to have a sleep but NOPE….stitching is now upstairs from now on.
But you have to go arrrrr look at his little cute face.

Sep 24

Emma’s Xmas Deer Update

Blimey, Emma will have this finished very soon.

Sep 19

Love Tree Finished

Yay, another finish for Lorna.  Well done on getting this one complete.  So impressed.