August 2014 archive

Aug 06

Emma is nearly finished – Family Guy update

Oh well Emma has some patients to stick with the bold colours, she’s so nearly there now.

Aug 06

Excited – Freya in cross stitch

Trust me to ask for work stitching, I so want to finish Cats Cats Cats, then look at this, it is coming my way, I think Santa has gone on the back burner and so has
I’m thinking 1 over 1 on 28ct if my eyes can see it on BLACK…lol
Just in time

Aug 05

Kimberley’s Summer Patchwork Update

Look at this lovely design by Susan Bates design in WOCS.

Aug 05

Alison’s Cat Whiskers Update

Alison thought she wasn’t doing to great with this project but when she looked at the photo progress she realised she had.
To see Alison’s progress on this one click here.

Aug 03

Shazie’s Cats, Cats, Cats Update

I so wanted to finish this one this week but I’m not doing as well as I hoped.  I doubt I’ll complete it today, but I’m going to try and get a few hours in, then what to do next.  I’m thinking Santa’s Nap again but I think I’ll never get it done for Christmas