August 2014 archive

Aug 19

So Pretty….

Kimberley has had a steaming needle, I can only show one picture in a newsletter so to see all of Kimberley’s progress click here.  It is well worth a visit, beautiful.

Aug 19

One Margaret Sherry mouse stitched.

But I haven’t a clue how I’m going to make it so it goes inside the full bauble, I was going to stitch the back piece with the year on and maybe make the size of the fabric bigger than the inner bauble size and fill with wadding but how big do I go, any

Aug 18

Love these baubles – Anybody know where I can buy some??

I’ve searched the net and I can only find round baubles, but I’d love some of these, I want to give this a go. If anybody finds them, let me know where.

Aug 18

Alison’s Cat Whiskers 2 – Update

Wow, another project nearly finished, keep going Alison, I don’t envy you with all that backstitch to do but well worth it.

Aug 18

Lorna is so close to finishing!!

This has got to be a WOW factor, Lorna keep going now and you’ll have this one finished by the end of the week.  Love it.

Aug 16

Jo’s perforated paper Formula One Birthday Card

Look what Jo is stitching now, very brave on perforated paper.
You can follow all Jo’s progress and see what the finished card will look like here.

Aug 16

Can you see an eye?

I’ve managed to do a total of 5 hours on this beauty.

Aug 15

Shazie – Freya Wip

My fabric arrived this morning from Polstitches, it is 32ct evenweave, Fallen Leave, the camera doesn’t do it justice mind.
I have managed 45 minutes so far, not sure I like parking I’ll end up getting tied  This is from the centre of the design.
I would like to thank Neil Bray for doing

Aug 12

Lorna is so close to finishing now

Lorna is so close to finishing this beauty now.

Aug 12

Ann’s New Yin Yang Project

Ann has started a new project, she has completed 4 pages already.
You can see what the finished picture will look like here.