July 2014 archive

Jul 20

Kimberley’s Tea Cup Coasters

Look at Kimberley’s lovely tea cup coasters, what a lovely present.  You can’t beat a set of coasters.

Jul 20

Alison’s Owl Bag Charm

What a lovely finish for Alison, an Owl bag charm.

Jul 14

Emma’s Peacock Framed

I don’t know if you remember Emma’s Peacock chart she did a while back, Emma decided to frame it onto a canvas, she am super pleased with it. Its a great way to present your cross stitch.

Jul 13

Freya and the Day Bed

I’m sweating loads now but the bed is up,  I’m going to watch BB and stitch, then carry on upstairs later but here is a couple of pictures and other picture on the forum here

Jul 13

A little late but the May Competition Vote is now open

It’s way late but the May competition vote is now open, for members only, if you can pop along to this link below and vote.
Click here

Jul 11

Gemini at 142 hours

I’m now on 142 hours and I’ve not finished this strip yet…..heck, what do you reckon the full row will be??
Too see my full progress so far click here.

Jul 05

Alison’s Birthday Cards

Thank you to all members that remembered to send cards to Alison for her birthday, there were a couple that missed it and I hope they will make up for the missing cards soon.  It is a shame when you get half way through the year and people don’t stick to joining in.  Especially when

Jul 05

Kimberley’s Feline Love

Another fantastic finish, I’d love this one on my wall, me being a cat lover.

Jul 05

Kimberley’s Flowers

Another lovely finish for Kimberley.

Jul 05

Kimberley’s Feline Card

This one is on my to do pile, I’ll do it eventually but I love it.